I knew I wanted to help individuals in my community since I was a little girl. Growing up in the inner city exposed me to poverty, injustices, and social disorganization. These stressors are what motivated me to want to help people. I then later studied Psychology and Criminal Justice from Eastern Connecticut State University, and Community and Forensic Psychology from the University of New Haven.

Helping teenagers and adults who have experienced traumatic experiences is a long passion of mines. I started working with victims who have been sexually assaulted at a Sexual Assault Crisis Center, and later transitioned to work with adults who have been negatively affected by the Criminal Justice system, and later worked for Department of Corrections. If you’re interested in more of my career profile visit my [Linkedin] page. I started to see that amongst all the individuals I worked with, negative experiences and trauma was something everyone struggled with which lead to my interest in trauma and training in EMDR.

  Quality Counseling was opened in January 2018. I now have the opportunity to provide my clients with a safe place to heal and grow. I really enjoy working with African Americans to help them get past their traumatic and negative experiences. Counseling has always been rewarding for me. I consider it a gift  that my clients have chosen me to share their feelings and traumatic experiences with.

My clients are young, motivated and committed teenagers and adults who are looking to move past their trauma and negative experiences. I’m always committed to giving clients tools and techniques that help them reduce feelings of worry, sadness, fear, and anger.  I understand therapy can be uncomfortable, and sometimes expensive. Which is why I try to be structured and purposeful in the techniques and tools given.