Felicia Campbell, LCSW

I am a licensed clinical social worker in New Haven, Connecticut passionate about supporting the Black community in our healing, empowerment and growth. Growing up in the Bronx in a predominantly Black community, I have seen and experienced the challenges that many of us face in all areas of our lives on a daily basis. This led me to pursue a career advocating for social justice, racial equity, and mental health.

I received my Masters in Social Work with a certificate in Mental Health from the University of Pittsburgh and my Bachelors in Forensic Science and Psychology from Syracuse University. I have a diverse background working in legal settings, schools and mental health clinics in a variety of different locations including Syracuse, Pittsburgh, New York City, London and Connecticut. I have served individuals with specific challenges including trauma, PTSD, depression, anxiety, domestic violence, racial trauma, self-esteem, and general stress.

Prior to my current role as a clinical therapist, I worked with special victims and aided in the investigation and prosecution of dozens of cases of sex abuse. Although it has always been my goal to become a therapist, this experience confirmed for me that I wanted to not only empower survivors to share their stories, but also to support them in their healing journey as well.

In addition to being a therapist, I have also conducted and published clinical research on racial trauma and led discussions, presentations and community interventions around race and mental health. Outside of all my roles, I am a dog and plant mom, a traveler, and an avid reader and writer. I also love swimming, photography and music.

Through research, training and practice, I have developed a deep understanding of trauma and mental health within the Black community and I am passionate about continuing to support and empower our community in healing. I use a trauma-informed approach that focuses on healing the whole person and includes mind, body and spiritual work. I believe in meeting people where they are and understand that the healing process is nonlinear and looks different for each person. I look forward to the privilege of supporting you in your journey.

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