Cannabis was initially legal under colonial governments but widely outlawed by 1925. Even while cannabis was legal; colonialists diminished the production capacities of African societies through direct and indirect suppression of the crop.


Harry Anslinger took the scientifically unsupported idea of marijuana as a violence-inducing drug, connected it to black and Hispanic people, and created a perfect package of terror to sell to the American media and public.

  • Rockefeller was leading the development of the new pharmaceutical industry and feared the development of medical herbs like cannabis. Publishing giant William Randolph Hearst lobbied for marijuana prohibition because hemp farming threatened his paper company
  • Black people were about three times more likely to be arrested for violating drug laws than white people
  • Over the past 20 years, there have been substantial changes to date, 33 states, the District of Columbia, and Alaska have legalized cannabis for the treatment of medical conditions.

Endocannabinoid system

A communication system between the brain and body.

(THC) and (CBD) bind and merges with our body’s receptors, helping the body function and gain balance (homeostasis)

Homeostasis is achieved by negative and positive feedback loops, External stressors such as heat and cold; and internal changes such as blood pressure and pH, are common response for the negative feedback loop.

Life as a Black American can be stressful, and cause daily imbalance. More than ever are Black people over exposed to traumatic experiences. Cannabis is a plant with varying therapeutic value.

Cannabis use is connected to the relief it provides for some of the most difficult mental health symptoms. The benefits of cannabis use could be immediately when there is no other solution.

Mental health symptoms can be debilitating unless treated.

Three common mental health benefits of cannabis use


Cannabis has been found to support patients with healthier sleep patterns. Improvement with insomnia, difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep are common mental health symptoms in adults.

Reduces Anxiety

Cannabis has been found to support patients with healthier sleep patterns. Cannabis has been found to improve patients’ mood by increasing Serotonin levels in the body.


PTSD is the only qualifying mental health condition for medical marijuana,Research indicates severe and chronic cases of PTSD benefit from cannabis use compared to those with less severe cases Cannabis has been found to reduce PTSD symptoms; nightmares, difficulty sleeping, irritability, intrusive memories and fear by 50%.

Cannabis will not cure or resolve any mental health conditions. Mental health benefits of cannabis use are short term and should not be considered for resolving long term mental health conditions.

Cannabis should be used with best practices. Using cannabis without accurate education could result in an uncomfortable experience. We encourage past users, and prospective users to learn the best practices for cannabis use to maximize medical benefits.

Where to get certified?

At Quality Counseling we offer direct referrals for Medical Marijuana certifications. We currently collaborate with the Healthy Pot LLC to provide quality CBD products. Cannabis consultations, and helpful resources about cannabis.

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