Samiah Green

I am a second-year master's student pursuing a degree in clinical mental health counseling with a concentration in forensic mental health. Growing up I have seen the stigma towards mental health in the Black community firsthand. These experiences made me want to educate myself further on these issues. During my undergraduate career, I did research surrounding attitudes towards mental health based on race and gender. The results of the study indicated that compared to other races, Black people had more negative attitudes towards mental health and seeking mental health treatment. This may be due to the historical medical mistreatment of Black people and the lack of diversity in the mental health field.

Many individuals do not feel seen or heard by their therapists. I want my clients to feel as if their experiences are being validated. Despite some therapists having cultural competence, there is undoubtedly a need for black therapists. As a clinician I plan to work to destigmatize mental health within the Black community. I believe that by adding diversity to the psychological field and through psychoeducation, I can help remove this negative stigma and emphasize how therapy is not just for one group of people. I am more than excited to have the opportunity to aid in the healing of the black community.

Currently, my approach to therapy utilizes a combination of different theories. Primarily I use techniques from cognitive behavioral therapy and person-centered therapy. As I grow as a clinician, I am sure this will expand. Regardless of the approach I use, I will ensure that it is tailored to meet the clients' specific needs.

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