Services Provided

Services Provided

Individual therapy is used to help heal from traumatic experiences, unhealthy relationships and overwhelming sadness. Individual therapy can be helpful in getting past a break up, emotional and physical abuse and for those who have been assaulted.

Some people seek individual therapy to talk about everyday stress. Therapy is different from talking to friends and family because it provides 1 on 1 attention and privacy.  Taking the first step towards healing is sometimes scary. Together we can help you get past your past and live a healthier life.

Areas of Speciality

  • Sexual Abuse, and Sexual Assaults
  • Physical Abuse, and Physical Assaults (domestic violence, and or being hurt by a family member/ friends)
  • Emotional Abuse (neglect, separation from a child/parent, and or constant criticism)
  • Toxic Relationship patterns (difficulty trusting, difficulty identifying “red flags”, and being controlled)
  • Anger (aggressive towards others, yells often, easily annoyed, and loses temper quickly)
  • Sadness (feeling down, low motivation, feeling tired, not feeling worthy and low self esteem)
  • Anxiety (racing thoughts, difficulty concentrating, and excessive worry)

Carrying an untold story can be harmful to your overall well being. It is my goal to help you heal and grow. To live the life you fantasize about. Individual therapy is a space to check in about your mental health because stress can be overwhelming. We all need a space to process our experiences and feelings in a healthy way with a highly trained professional. Schedule a consultation now to take the first step.