Healing for the Culture

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We are a private Group Practice providing Affordable and Accessible Mental Health Therapy to Black Communities in Connecticut. Our mission is Reduce Mental Health Disparities in Black Communities and to help Black People move Past traumatic experiences such as; Racism, Sexual Abuse, Incarceration, and Child Abuse. We provide a Safe Space for our clients to Heal using Holistic solutions such as; Cannabis Education, Body Movement and Meditation. We offer online individual trauma therapy to Adults. It’s now easy and convenient to meet with a licensed mental health professional using our secure online Therapy Portal. Quality Counseling provides Healing for the Culture.

Black people face unique and sensitive issues that should be addressed with Therapists who look like them. At Quality Counseling We value Black Wellness, Social Justice, Racial Equity and Employee Wellness.

Quality Counseling helps individuals who have experienced stressful events, feelings of excess worry, racing thoughts, sadness, and self destructive behaviors. Mental Health is Health, and Counseling is normal. You’re ready to live a healthier life, and tired of getting in your own way. We look forward to working with you on your healing journey.

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Healing for the Culture