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Collective Healing

Welcome to our Healing Space: Empowering Black People through Collective Healing

At Quality Counseling, we believe in the power of collective healing and the transformative strength of community. Collective healing provides connection, and support using holistic approaches to promote healing and growth. We understand that domestic violence, racism and emotional challenges can deeply impact the lives of Black women. That’s why we have created a safe and supportive environment that combines group therapy offering meditation, yoga, art expression to promote healing, self-discovery, and empowerment.

Collective Healing While Embracing Strength in Community

At the heart of our approach is the belief that healing is not a solitary journey, but a shared experience. Our collective healing group sessions provide a supportive space where Black women and girls can come together, share their stories and find solace in the company of others who understand their unique challenges. We facilitate open and compassionate discussions that validate experiences, foster connection and encourage mutual support.

Group Therapy is Sharing, Learning, and Growing Together

Our group therapy sessions offer a structured and confidential environment for Black women to explore their emotions, identify patterns, and develop healthy coping mechanisms. Led by experienced therapists specializing in trauma and these sessions provide a nurturing space to process emotions, gain insights, and build resilience. Together, we can break the cycle of violence and create a foundation for long-lasting healing.

Domestic Violence: Our Path, Our Journey Thursday's at 6 pm (Online), Starting September 14th

Our Path, Our Journey is a group for women who experienced domestic violence and relationship challenges. The mission is to educate women on the behavioral, biological, and psychological consequences of domestic violence and teach them tools to overcome the negative impact.

Group goals:

  • Gain an understanding of how domestic violence impacts the whole person
  • Gain an understanding of the dangers of domestic violence
  • Provide resources, support and community for domestic violence survivors

Group participants will be required to purchase the workbook; The Black Woman’s Guide to Overcoming Domestic Violence: Tools to Move Beyond Trauma, Reclaim Freedom, and Create the Life you Deserve, by Dr. Moore- Lobban and Dr. Gobin. Please let us know if purchasing this workbook is a financial burden and we can offer support.

Our Path, Our Journey is facilitated by Ms. Kym who is also a survivor of domestic violence and is passionate about helping other women heal traumatic experiences. Learn more about Ms. Kym here.

Meditation: Mindfulness Meditation Monday's at 4 pm (Online), Starting September 11th

Mindfulness Meditation is a group that focuses on using meditation as a powerful tool for calming the mind, reducing stress, and promoting self-awareness. Our guided meditation sessions are specifically designed to address the unique needs of Black and people of color. Through breathwork, visualization, and mindfulness techniques, we empower participants to cultivate inner peace, release trauma and rediscover their inner strength. By integrating meditation into daily life, we foster emotional well-being and a sense of groundedness. This group is facilitated by Nautika Drummond who is a meditation and breathwork coach. Learn more about Nautika here.

Group participants will be provided a Mindfulness Meditation journal created by Nautika Drummond.

Teenagers: A Safe Space for Black Girls Monday's at 5 pm (In Person), Starting September 11th

The teenage years can be both exciting and challenging. Our group therapy sessions specifically cater to the needs of teenagers, providing them with a nurturing environment to explore their bodies, minds and emotions. These sessions aim to foster trust, understanding and validation among participants. Through open dialogue, active listening, and shared support Black girls can freely express themselves, foster empowerment, and develop healthy coping strategies. We prioritize the creation of a safe and inclusive space where they can find solace, gain insights and celebrate their identities. Together we strive to empower, uplift each young Black girl, encouraging their personal growth, and helping them navigate life’s journey with confidence and strength.

A Safe Space for Black Girls is facilitated by Samiah Green who is passionate about helping young adults transition into adulthood. Learn more about Samiah here.

Art Therapy: Healing through Art and Action Tuesday's 6 pm (In Person), Starting September 12th

Art has the power to heal, transform, and express what words often cannot. Our art therapy sessions provide a creative outlet for Black women to explore their emotions, tap into their inner wisdom, and discover new ways of self-expression. Whether through painting, drawing, collage or other artistic mediums, participants can process their experiences, reclaim their narratives, and celebrate their unique identities.

Healing through Art and Action is facilitated by Alizae Wineglass, who specializes in art therapy and creative expression. Learn more about Alizae here.

Yoga Therapy: Balancing the Mind, Body, and Spirit Wednesday's 5:30 pm (Online), Starting September 13th

Yoga therapy is a holistic practice that nourishes the mind, body and spirit. Our yoga therapy for Black women are gentle, inclusive and tailored to address trauma and promote self care. Through intentional movement, breath control, and mindfulness, we help participants restore balance, increase self-compassion, and reconnect with their bodies. Our experienced yoga instructor creates a nurturing space where everyone can feel comfortable, supported and celebrated. Whether you are a beginner or have prior yoga experience, our yoga therapy sessions are open to all levels.

Yoga Therapy is facilitated by Kevnesha, who is passionate about using yoga to help heal Black women’s trauma wounds to find holistic balance. Learn more about Kevnesha here.

Join Our Healing Community Today

If you are seeking a supportive community to embark on your healing journey, we invite you to join our empowering space. At Quality Counseling, we are committed to providing accessible and inclusive services that honor the. Diversity of experiences within the Black community. Take the first step towards healing and join our collective of powerful Black women today.