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Online Therapy

Feeling Stuck, Stressed, or Just Been Down on Yourself?

One of the hardest parts of adjusting to life since COVID-19 has been being disconnected from the ones we love. Staying connected to a mental health professional is more important now than ever as some of us can start to feel lonely and isolated. Life has been rough these past few months; from the pandemic to the uprising of the Black Lives Matter Movement. This year has been hard on the Black community resulting in increased; Stress, Worry, Sadness, and Self destructing behaviors.

Experiencing uncomfortable feelings is normal, and getting help to address those uncomfortable feelings is also normal. Anxiety, Depression and Traumatic experiences are very common struggles that most Black Americans face. It’s ok, to ask for help, and speak to a professional who is trained to help you reach your goals. Otherwise the choice is suffering in silence and comfortability. Healing can be a scary process, but so is not ever reaching your maximum potential.

In efforts to not contribute to the disproportionate exposure to COVID -19 in the Black Community, Quality Counseling is only offering Online Therapy until further notice.

Online Therapy is an easy and convenient way to meet with your Therapist. Individual therapy is being offered online, making it more accessible than ever. Online Therapy sessions can be used with your smart phone, tablet or computer using a password protected medical record.

Online therapy can also be beneficial to those who are stay at home parents, have busy work schedules, and or don’t have transportation to face to face sessions. Modernized mental health treatment allows you to seek the care that you deserve in the comfort of your own home, on a lunch break or any private space you may feel comfortable.

We offer sessions through our secured HIPPA compliant software, TherapyNotes. Clients log in with their secured username and password, and wait for their Therapist to start the session. Contact us now to schedule an appointment.

Online Therapy vs. Face to Face

Quality Counseling clients are still making great progress toward their goals, and experiencing reduced feelings of anxiety, flashbacks, and sadness. Most of our clients have continued to reduce scores on diagnostic screenings every 90 days. Clients experience the same benefits as face to face sessions. Clients are actually less likely to miss appointments because its more convenient than driving to an office. Continued and consistent therapy increases the chances of therapy being beneficial.

Quality Counseling is dedicated to providing a high standard of care. We will not give any less; Understanding, Compassion, and Empathy to our clients and team members. The standard of care is the same in both Online and Face to Face sessions. However we can make the online therapy session more accommodating for you, we will try.

Some of the most common concerns about Online Therapy are…

What if theres a lack of connection between me and the therapist?

It’s natural to think that it would be hard to establish a meaningful connection with a stranger online. It can be hard to read and assess body language online, but a skilled therapist will be observant of your body cues. Quality Counseling clients report that they feel comfortable with online therapy, and don’t feel a lack of connection during session. Quite the opposite can actually happen, there’s room for a more meaningful connection due to clients usually being their comfort spaces.

What about privacy?

Finding privacy and a quiet space is hard for most people. Online therapy may pose a small inconvenience with finding a safe and quiet space. Some clients ask people living in their homes, for privacy, and or to leave while they’re in therapy session.

But what if people who live in your house are children. Some clients ask family members to watch their children, or they schedule online session during a time when they have the most quiet time. Some of our clients who are mothers often allow their children to watch tv, assign a busy activity, and or play with some form of technology (gaming system, IPad, YouTube etc.) while they attend therapy.

I don’t have a computer, will it still work?

We use a secured online platform called, TherapyNotes, and it allows online therapy on most mobile devices. In case of a technical complication, we also have 2 back up online platforms, in case either fails. Technology rarely interrupts the entire online therapy session. Online connection is usually stronger, and clearer using WIFI.

10 Helpful Tips for Preparing for your Online Therapy Session

  • Secure a private space that allows for audio privacy- Using headphones and or noise machine  is recommended if you do not live alone.
  • Make sure your physical space is comfortable to sit for about 50 minutes.
  • Don’t drive during an online therapy session. It’s best to pull over to a safe location if you have to have your session in the car. Your therapist can not meet with you if you’re driving.
  • Decent lighting is important. Having adequate lighting allows your therapist to better assess your body language and facial expressions.
  • Try to make eye contact with your therapist, it helps to make the connection stronger.
  • Bring a pen and paper to take notes.
  • Silence your phone, and or device you’re using for the Online Session. Phone alerts and calls sometimes have a negative impact on the online session, increasing interruptions and distractions.
  • Be mindful that technology sometimes, delays and or drops signal. Your therapist will attempt to reconnect as soon as possible.
  • Provide your therapist feedback; if you can not hear, or see, please let them know.
  • Treat the visit the same way you would if it was a face to face visit at their office.