Why You Should Join the Quality Counseling Team

The nature of being a therapist gives us the opportunity to assist people in healing and finding balance after traumatic experiences. Holistic Healing, Social Justice, Racial Equity, and Employee Wellness are our core values. When I created Quality Counseling, my mission was to create a safe space for Black therapists to show up as their authentic selves. I worked in many different environments that induced vicarious trauma, and burnout, which served as the foundation for the development of our practice culture. Having a variety of experiences working in community mental health management taught me that clients’ healing journey is directly related to a therapist’s well-being and satisfaction. Therapists are the one medical professional that uses the person themselves as the tool for healing. That's why I created a workplace culture aimed at reducing therapist burnout and vicarious traumatization. Taking care of our team is, how we take care of the clients we serve and also aligns with community wellness. Curious about how I take care of our team's well-being? Here are the 4 benefits of working at Quality Counseling that might entice you to join us. 1. Flexibility & Autonomy Time is the most expensive currency in the world today. We believe in its worth and how differently it works for different people, which is why we encourage flexibility at Quality Counseling. Autonomy is an integral part of our practice culture. Our employees are not mandated to adhere to the practice business hours and have the freedom to create a work schedule to meet the needs of their personal lives. We also know that therapists must have a sense of control over their clients' treatment plans and outcomes. That’s why Quality Counseling employees are free to develop independent case conceptualizations and therapeutic strategies, as well as schedule time for case reviews. 2. Competitive Pay My intention is to balance the creative workflow with competitive pay ensuring therapists create lives outside of work to tend to their; hobbies, travel, read the book they keep putting off, or just rest. Communities of color are often forced to work multiple jobs to make ends meet, and I don’t want that for us. I’ve unfortunately never had the privilege of working one job and understand how overwhelming it can be. I don’t want that for our team members. Black therapists should work multiple jobs only when they want to and not because they have to. I understand the worth and value of anyone working in this field. While there isn’t any monetary value that can be attached to the value of a Black therapist we do understand the necessity for reasonable and competitive compensation. 3. Wellness Benefits As a healthcare business, the health of our team is central to the work we do. To compete with larger mental health agencies and hospitals we provide financial relief towards the cost of employees' health insurance premiums. In my personal and professional experiences, health insurance and work benefits are top reasons people work toxic jobs. We shouldn’t have to choose the need for health benefits over job satisfaction. At Quality Counseling, you can have both. We continue to enhance staff wellness through our monthly employee and client surveys, monthly team meetings, and exit interviews. Employees are asked to complete anonymous monthly surveys to assess their job satisfaction, job place happiness, contentment with employee perks, and if they would recommend our company as a good place to be working. 4. Work with your Ideal client It can be hard to work with clients who you are not in alignment with your therapeutic style, and that is okay. Our team reports working with their ideal client as “energizing” versus draining. Having the right therapist can be life-changing for both parties. The advantage of working in private practice and creative work management is having the ability to speak directly to the client you want to work with and or being open to all clients. This could also be an opportunity to explore who your ideal client is. It’s okay to not have one specific population or issue. Digital marketing strategies such as writing blogs, social media content, and community engagement are ways to attract the clients you’re most passionate about working with. Creating a compassionate, honest, and self-reflective environment for the therapists first is one of the first steps to helping people.  A sound mind reflects a sound working environment, and it’s such an important tool in the line of work that helps Black communities heal. If you’d like to join an alliance of other dope Black therapists, fill out an application here: https://qualitycounselingct.com/jobs/