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Rahisha Bivens, LCSW

I am a Social Justice Clinical Social Worker who is deeply committed to helping youth, men and women from the African Diaspora heal from trauma.  Having grown up in the inner city of Bridgeport, and witnessed abuse, trauma and violence, I  personally experienced how unprocessed trauma can limit people from fulfilling their potential & also cause people to suffer from mental health issues that can be debilitating. 

As a licensed clinical social worker with Quality Counseling I have the opportunity to provide people with the support & tools they need to walk through the doors of healing and freedom.  Healing is a journey and not a destination & through our partnership you will take the reigns of your life and be the author of a victorious life story. 

With self-love, awareness & accountability you will uncover what’s been blocking you from your well-being & you will be able to make new choices that support your transformation.

I am also trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy, one of the most effective treatment modalities for trauma recovery.  Client I work with will gain the skills and courage to get past experiences of trauma and pain. They gain confidence to take control over their lives towards a Spiritual new beginning. 

I have provided therapeutic services to people of color as a social worker and I have been empowering people to transform their lives. I received my Master’s Degree In Social Work and Black Studies from University of Connecticut, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from Central Connecticut State University which only support my understanding of how institutional injustice & oppression contribute to mental health issues. 

My passion for Clinical social work & justice advocacy after my younger brother struggled with mental health issues and incarceration.  After seeing that the criminal justice system was not providing rehabilitation to people with mental health issues through my personal advocacy for my brother,  I vowed to ensure that all people get the care & treatment they need in the justice system.  I am a resource to empower all justice impacted people in their healing. 

Outside of being a therapist and social justice advocate I serve  as a board member and digital organizer of Stop Solitary CT and as Smarts Trainer for National Alliance on Mental Illness. I help to alter policies in CT so people do get care, treatment, and learn to do personal and political advocacy effectively. 

In addition  after successfully advocating for my brother to get into a treatment setting and have time served for his charge, I also opened First Step Advocacy where I now help people who are justice impacted to have the best outcomes for their mental & forensic well-being. 

I also continue to coach people to fulfill what really matters to them in their lives. 

Through our work together you will gain a therapist who supports you in moving through trauma, advocating for the future you want to create & taking ownership for your own healing.